About us :

Blind Penguin Productions is an independent production company, striving to bring the best in production values to the stage , screen & print. Established in the early nineties, Blind Penguin has a reputation for excellence in documentary film making and writing successful stage and screen plays. Blind Penguin is also a Publication Company with six books available on line through amazon. com and createaspace, and incorporates Bad Panda comics, a new innovative independent comic company.

A return to common sense thinking, respect in all it's forms for all living things and living in the moment are the core values of Blind Penguin productions. All our works strive to represent some or all aspects of this Philoshophy. Our goal to awaken these values in people in the hope of doing our part to make this a better world.



THE LAST GREED - screenplay for JMC productions., currently in pre-production
The Hot Seat 2 is now part of the Protest Play Project..

Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man is now available for digital rent/purchase on FetchTV and Google Play Australia!/movie/Adventures-of-a-Happy-Homeless-Man/42360
Care About Us is now online. here is the link to the trailer
The Coven is now available through HaView.

Nuns was produced by Perform & Give in London, August 2016.

The Devils Six Commandments is now available on Fetch TV & google play. Here are the links.

My entry into the Cinespace competition

This is a video for the Cause film festival later this year.

REVERSAL from Robert Luxford on Vimeo.


The Coven will be part of the American Library Association's Midwinter Meeting & Exhibition in Boston, early January
The Writers Kit is being now used as a scriptwriting tool by students of TAFE colleges, as part of their production course.

THE ENEMY is in preproduction. Go to this link for more details.
My plays are now available on NEW PLAY EXCHANGE.


WARPT is now available online to get a copy go to

Also available on Kindle. Go to

HUNTERS is now available through the comic place

HUNTERS SCREENPLAY & COMIC is now available through the comic place .

THE CHRONICLES OF HERBERT WEST is now available through the comic place and amazon.

WARPT is now available through the comic place

Iron sky graphic novel has been published by IDW .It is available now in all good comic stores.

For the download of issue one go to


The Unexplained files is now available for production through comedy UK. The link is

Expiry date is now available through Comedy plays in the UK . The link is

Expiry Date & Tea for Terror are being published in an antholigy collection "Dramatic shorts" Volume 2. Details will be available once the book is published.

Nuns is now available through Off the Wall plays. It can be purchased as an e-book or made available for production at a negotiated fee. See link below.

It is also available through Independent Play(w)rights at

A rough cut of the film version of Empty paces has been released on You Tube. this is the link.


The Happy Homeless Guy has. premiered at The Chavel Theatre & should be released through Googleplay soon.

River, a short feature I had a cameo in is now available on You Tube.

the Art of deception, a documentary experiment I acted in last year has been released on you tube. the link is



Care about Us is a documentary series created by Dan Balcaban. I am doing research for the program. To contribute go to

Also find out more by going to or like on Facebook on


Spirit Fire art now available in a number of forms.

print stretched canvas stationary card i-phone case

I-phone & I-pod Laptop & I-pad skins hoodies T-shirts


Just go to the society6 link