Angry Dreams

Angry Dreams ,An Angel who intervenes with fatal results. An old man who's past disappears before his very eyes. A werewolf with puberty problems. Just three of the ecclectic collection of plays short stories, short scripts and poetry that make up this extensive volume of work

The Birthday Club

The Birth of the new milinium. New York, September 11 2001,Bali. October 12 2002, The Iroqi War, London July 9th 2004. Dates etched in the memory of the civilised world. For five people it is a time of celebration and tragedy as international events are brought close to home Racial conflict takes on a very real face and prejudice is given rage and made very personal. For five people who's Birthdays co-incide with national tragedies they will discover how personal The War on Terror has become.

The Coven

A conspiracy to commit murder, but is the murder justified ? A coven of witches confront this dilemma knowing vengence is a double edged sword. Should they execute a man, once one of their own, who has commited the most vile of crimes and will remain out of reach of the law ? To do so would violate their most sacred of laws, yet to do nothing would mean the death of more innocent children. Their faith will be questioned, their loyalties divided and a price must be paid


A young boy looses both his parents in a fatal accident. He's only relatives Richard, his uncle and Magret his aunt fight for custody of the boy. They are polar opposites who cannot come to an agreement and are not willing to surrender the boy to the other. The feud takes a turn for the worst with a result that no one expects.

The unexplained Files

Spontanious Combustion is plagueing our city. Invisible hamsters are abducting people, A terrorist Mime cult is on the loose. Intrepid reporters Ash Smoulder and Dana Scrwney are out there investigating and reporting these strange phenomanem. But are they just a random occurences or is there a conspirocy behind it all WARPT; Warpt is a collection of twisted, sometimes black sometimes contraversal but always funny comedy skits. Plus a full length one act play The Unexplained files. Yes the truth is really way out there.

Three Families

Three families, three different problems. A young couple seperates because their sexual relationship is not what it used to be and the wife runs off with a transexual wrestler. An alcoholic mother faces potential death at the prediction of a half witted psychic. A father finds his mind is going after he blows up the school science lab. These stories will touch while your sides ache with laughter.

Cheer up the world ends tomorrow

A collection of plays, videos, and a comic book, both dark and funny. Cheer Up the world ends tomorrow takes a twisted look at the way the world is and makes us laugh at it.


Heroes never die, that just get olderand fall apart. Brick Walker is not the action star he used to be. He has taken to sniffing glue and destroying film sets and injuring cast members. After receiving advice from a sage like apparition, Brick sets out to redeem himself.

Nuns (Volume 1)


The setting is the back of a convent where three nuns are smoking a single cigarette they have secretly hidden away for their covert meeting. In this convent any vice is fair game, provided you keep it discreet. Drinking, sleeping around, and mild drugs are permitted. But smoking isn't. But Sister Catharine and Sister Kimberly have a plan to change that.