Writing CV

Feature Films

The Coven - Blind Penguin Productions

A Dangerous Age - Shemengi Productions

Greed – JCL Productions


Guardians: Angels On Patrol – R.I.P. Productions

Little Army, Big War – R.I.P. Productions

TV Piolets

Rainbow – Royce Video

Real World - Kelly Media


Natural White Toothpaste – Eclipse Media


Outward Train Examination – Cam TV

28 Day Train Examination – Cam TV

Crux Crane & Craven Crane – Cam TV

C-Bus – Side On & Portable Pictures

Home Buyers Guide To Repairs – Egan Video

Floral Garden Walls – Straus Video

Short Films

Nuns – Blind Penguin Productions

The Lost Action Hero – Blind Penguin Productions

The Unexplained Files – Blind Penguin Productions

Much Ado About Butchery - Instant Epic Productions

The Ultimate Solution - Instant Epic Productions

Captain Attitude – R.I.P. Productions.

Times Variable – Indy Films

JB Resurrection (co-writer) – TAG Productions

Tea for Terror – NAFA Productions

The Last Gasp - NAFA Productions

Lockdown Lunacy -Blind Penguin Productions

Interview with an Alien (1-2) - Blind Penguin Productions

Extinction -Blind Penguin Productions

Theatre: Full Length Plays

The Bold & The Reckless – Soap Theatre Company (2002)

I Dream Of Johnny – D.O.I.C. (2006)

Nuns – Gorilla Tango Theatre Company (2010) (USA) Blind Penguin Productions (2012) Perform & Give (2016) (UK) Vineyard Café & Dinner Theatre (2018) (USA) Dutch Dame Productions (2019) (UK)

Theatre: One Act Plays

Separate Ways - Aus Playwrights Theatre (1981) Nexus Theatre(1982)

Custody – Parnassus Den (1996) Gallery First Nighters (1997) Theatrefest (1997) Village Players (1999)

Empty Places Of The Heart – Canberra Theatre Festival (2002)

The Warhol Institute for the Forgotten Famous - Arts Theatre Cronulla (2023)

Theatre: 10 Minute Plays

Times Variable – Conflux Theatre (2003)

Nuns – Short & Sweet (2010) (radio play) Evan Golde & Junsu Kim (2012) (UK) Short Attention Span (2015) (USA)

All A Twitter-Imagine festival (2010) Crash Test Drama Cronulla(2017)

Expiry Date – Short & Sweet (2011)

Tea For Terror – Imagine Festival (2010) Short & Sweet (2011)

Lost Property – Short & Sweet (2015)

Cash for Christ – Crash Test Drama Cronulla (2018)

Cashless- Crash Test Drama Cronulla, Cronulla Christmas Plays (2019) Short &Sweet (2020) Short & Sweet Dubai (2022)

The Warhol Institute For The Forgotten Famous -Crash Test Drama(2020)

Answer The Question - Crash Test Drama (2022)
Boarding Pass - Crash Test Drama (2023)

Awards & Placings

Greed- 2nd place Best Picture- Mediterranean Film Festival (2019) Winner American Filmatic awards (2020) Winner Barcelona Film Festival (2021) Winner Infinite Vistas Award(2021) Winner Depth of Field awards (2021)

The Coven - Honors- (Australian Books of the year self-Published Division) (2001)

Times Variable – Winner-Conflux Theatre (2003)

The Unexplained Files- Finalist- FBI Radio Competition (2004)

Nuns– Finalist- Crash Test Drama (2009)

Expiry Date – 3rd place (tied) Short & Sweet week 7 (2011)

Lost Property – Finalist- Short & Sweet Wildcards (2015)

Cash For Christ – Finalist- Crash Test Drama- Cronulla (2018)

Cashless- Winner- People’s Choice - Crash Test Drama – Cronulla (2019)
Finalist - Short & Sweet - Dubai (2022)

The Warhol Institute For The Forgotten Famous - Finalist -Crash Test Drama(2020)

Answer The Question - Finalist - Crash Test Drama (2022)
Boarding Pass - Winner - Crash Tet Drama (2023)


North Sydney Technical College -Script Writing Course

Videorep Writers workshop - Script Writing Course

TV Film Industry Workshop- Script Writing Course

The College of Journalism- Journalist Writing

Tom Brynt Workshop- Script Writing Seminar

Introduction to screenwriting -UEA online course

Aaron Sorken screenwriting - Online course

ANPC Stage One -Playwriting Course -Tim Daly


Cheer Up the World Ends Tomorrow


Fantastic Chronicles # 1: Hunters
Fantastic Chronicles # 2:The Quantum Witch
Fantastic Chronicles #3: Angels Of The Alley
Fantastic Chronicles # 4: The Chronicles Of Herbert West