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You cannot hide from the truth about yourself.

Number of pages


An outline of the background.

A Mutant Virus has taken hold that disrupts the immune system and alters it killing any disease, injury or ailment that may inflict the host. The down side, the host must replenish their blood with another's in order to suppress the pain. It becomes an epidemic; scientist cannot find a cure before the virus would overtake humanity. A radical initiative is introduced. Contain the virus by eradicating those affected. Hunters, cull those afflicted. The hope is enough infectees will be killed to make the problem go away.

A statement of the idea format

HUNTERS is a contemporary ,horror drama set in an unnamed city

HUNTERS is a feature film shot on HD

HUNTERS will centre on Kerseyand his partner Sasha


Bill and Sasha are hunters, Calligan, a priest turned infectee is there quarry. Bill has hunted him for years since he broke his word vowing never to prey on innocent victims. The hunt has become an obsession for Bill. He has grown tired and He is feeling the ravages of too many years hunting down what were once average people turned diseased predators. He wants nothing more then closure. To move on and redefine his life before he runs out of salvageable years but final victory comes with a price.

Calligan was dying of cancer. With three months to live he made a conscious choice to become infected with a virus that would cure his affliction but would leave him with a hunger for blood. He has since been forced to live with the consequences of this choice. No longer a man of god he has become a monster that preys on innocents to satisfy an unrelenting hunger. But the errant priest is on a mission to secure his redemption through a serum that would rid him of his accursed affliction. He may have extended his life but he has damned his soul. In the end he tries to seek absolution and forgiveness from someone he has betrayed, Bill. Bill delivers him to his maker to be judged.

Bill and Sasha have been partners for years. It is more then just older and younger cop with a common purpose of hunting prey. The almost symbiotic relationship forged by a dependence on the other to watch their back and keep them alive binds them on all levels. They are teacher and student, soul partners a team. Their relationship is one of love, but they are not lovers in the carnal sense, Sasha is gay. They truly love each other. When Sasha is abducted, it drives Bill to the edge. He'll do whatever it takes to get her back. It takes a fatal event for them to confess and prove the true extent of their love.

A crime syndicate lead by an Asian mob boss called Carlos is attempting to establish a distribution network for the, so called, cure called thirst. The drug is allegedly a cure for the disease that Calligan suffers. But research shows the drug simply alleviates the symptoms and the hunger for a short time. The real money can be made by selling it to non infected people as a cheap, but dangerous high. Leslie has been looking for sufficient evidence to shut down Carlos' operation for some time. But the investigation runs afoul when Carlos crosses paths with Bill and Sasha initiating a type of war. Leslie does not approve of Bill and Sashas" methods and is consequently left to pick up the pieces after the carnage is over.

The areas of Drama and Conflict.

Write one to two paragraphs which will describe the main areas of drama and conflict

that will take place between the protagonist, the plot and the other characters.


The area of drama and conflict will shift through the urban sprawl into Kerseys life as he uses his skills to resolve the put right a decision that has plagued him for years.

he must bring calligan to justice before more people die.

A Major Character list

Bill Kersey : (Age 50)

Infectee Hunter for 10 years. A cop prior to that. Determined to finish one last kill before he retires. Feels the pain of too many long days and nights and the physical and mental beatings over the years. Hardly sleeps, he uses pills to keep himself awake and alert. But the pills are taking their toll. A loner, although he loves Sasha he is too afraid to say it. A philosopher, who teaches his wisdom in a cryptic way, using pop culture references, although he is not religious he is still a spirtual person but also very pragmatic about life and death. Always presents a cool but lethal facade even when the odds are against him.

Sasha Braddock (mid 30's)

Impulsive. Fired up, kill first ask questions later (and if she's not happy with the answers she'll kill them again) the job has become her life. She gets off on the thrill of the kill. Experienced andvery skilled in killing infectees her impulsiveness causes her to make mistakes. Often lethal ones for her unfortunate victims. Not scared of anyone or anything. Even when she is, she hides it well. No good at keeping relationships, her job is everything. She loves Bill, but because she is gay they've never consummated their relationship. She believes in Karma and reincarnation and would like to come back as a cat.

Father Simon Calligan (late 50's)

A catholic Priest, who has chosen to be infected by the lethal virus in order to rid himself of cancer, He believed he could handle the side effects but he was wrong. The craving was too strong. He regrets what he has done and wants to change back to normal and be given the chance to redeem himself. It is implied that he has a penchant for young boys, but this is only because younger blood sustains him for longer. He is afraid of dying because he believes he will go to hell for his sins and lack of faith in his maker.


A Minor Character list

Leslie Segal (40's -50's)

By the book detective. Would like nothing more then to see the likes of Bill and Sasha behind bars. Been a cop all his life. Seen it all, the good and the bad. Wants everything done right. When he makes a bust he wants it clean, no grey areas, lots of iron clad evidence and no possibility for appeal or parole.

Kitty (30's)

The madam for a brothel, Kitty Galore, and informant for Bill. Her real name is Katrina Flowers. Abused at a young age she has had to make ends meet the hard way. Extremely smart she knows how to use men and information to stay alive. She is a favorite of Carlos' men, who are more then willing to talk with the right persuasion.

Dr Frank Magee (50-60's)

An alcoholic doctor who let the drink get the better of him, forcing him to become the doctor for less then desirable clientele. He is trapped in a cycle of his own making. He wants to give up the booze and his current practice and become respectable. But he can't because he needs the money and the booze releases him from the stress of his plight.

Carlos Ling (40's)

An Asian criminal who wants to control the market of illegal medications (namely thirst). He is a germaphobe, (cannot stand anything that is unclean) appallingly ruthless but loves his children especially his eldest.

Michael Ling (20)

Carlos' eldest son. A spoilt rich brat who has never had to work a day in his life, Always partying and likes the woman especially more then one at a time.

Christine ( 30-40s )

A mother dying from aids who wants redemption for her sins. Has strong Catholic beliefs and thinks God will still forgive her for the terrible things she has done.

Cora (30'S)

An upper class woman who has done a deal with Carlos to get money to save her husbands life. She has also given him information about thirst which makes her dangerous and expendable.

Vinnie (20's)

A small time courier for Carlos and a gambler. He is constantly being shaken down by Bill and Sasha for money.

Martin (early teens)

Christine's son who becomes infected by Caligan.

Tim ( 30 s)

A coke head who is also an infectee. One of Bill and Sashas informants. They constantly torture him by almost killing him but just leaving him to


Translator (any age)

Could be male or female. Asian works for Carlos as a translator.

Asian Girl (20s')

An infectee, and even though she looks young and innocent has a foul mouth and is particularly vicious.

Thug (20's)

Desperate for money. Attacks the Asian girl but soon realizes he is in over his head when Bill and Sasha arrive,

Pizza Guy. (20's)

Instead of delivering a meal he ends up being one.

Thugs (any age)

Hoods that work for Carlos (don't have to be Asian)

Infectees (all ages)

People infected by the virus. Usually homeless people, Behave irrationally when they need blood,

A sample scene of dialogue



Outside the office of doctor Magee, Vinnie, a small time hood exits the office with a brief case. We are not sure of it's contents but Vinnie holds onto it like his life depends on it. Vinnie looks around as he leaves. Satisfied there is no one else around he continues on his way.



Vinnie turns into the back street. He stops sensing something is wrong. He looks around. He sees two all too familiar shadows.


­Aw, Shit.

He looks around sees a dumpster, throws the brief case in and runs.



The alley way is dark, except for a lone street light which gives off very little illumination. It is misty. Through the mist Vinnie runs down the alley. Silhouetted by the narrow beam of light. He is being pursued by Bill and Sasha.



Vinnie runs underneath the stairs and buries himself in cardboard boxes. Bill and Sasha arrive. They can't see Vinnie. They see where he could have gone. Sasha starts to move toward the possible escape route then Bill stops her.

He takes out his mobile phone and dials. Vinnies phone rings. He panics and gives himself away, while trying to turn it off. Bill and Sasha grab him out of the pile of boxes and slam him against the wall.


Vinnie, Vinnie, Vinnie.


You made us run.


We don't like running.


We're disappointed, man.


Real disappointed.




You're sorry? You hear that he says he sorry.


You think that makes it alright?


You've gotta do better then sorry.


I-I-I don't have it.


Wrong answer.

Bill hits Vinnie in the stomach.


You had plenty of warning.


Enough time to save up.


Next week. I promise.


Next week. You can never be certain what will happen nest week.

Sasha hits him.


You don't even know if you'll see tomorrow.

Bill hits him.


You've got until Friday.

Sasha throws him to the ground and kicks him.


Friday, Vinnie. Or you lose an arm.

Bill and Sasha step on Vinnie as they leave. He waits until they've gone before he gets to his feet and brushes himself down.


Assholes !

As he gets himself together a mysterious Boy, Martin appears out of nowhere. He stares at Vinnie.


Get lost creep.

Vinnie pushes him out of the way as he attempts to leave. Like lightening Martin grabs Vinnie and bites him on the neck. Vinnie screams.



Bill and Sasha hear Vinnies scream and run back.



Martin is sucking the blood from Vinnies neck. Sasha taps him on the shoulder.



Startled Martin turns. Caught off guard Sasha hits him in the face. Martin drops Vinnie and turns his attention to Bill and Sasha. A fight ensues at first Martin has the upper hand knocking Bill and Sasha around like paper dolls. During the fight Vinnie tries to crawl away, but Martin is not letting his prize get away that easy. He kicks Vinnie knocking him against the wall, almost sending him unconscious. Bill takes out a cartridge with silver bullets.

While Sasha is holding her own against the boy, Bill sneaks up and shoots Martin in the head. Finally the boy falls to the ground and dies.


You, okay?



Sasha is not really okay. She limps to her feet, after taking a battering. They look over at Vinnie to see if he's alright.


Vinnie, get up.

Vinnie struggles to stand up. Bill and Sasha help him.


What the fuck was that?


Check for scars.


Jesus it's bad enough with you guys on my case. Now I got these punks treating me like lunch.

Sasha looks at Vinnies neck There is a blue scar forming on his neck She gives Bill a knowing look




What do you want to do ?


Do ? Call a fucking doctor.

Vinnie wipes blood from the back of his neck.


The usual.



Sasha grabs Vinnie and pins him against the wall.




Vinnie stop squirming.

Sasha takes out her gun and aims at his heart.


What are you doing ?


Can't let you go.


Why ?




What the fuck does that mean.






It's better this way.


Look on the bright side. At least you won't have to worry about Friday.

Sasha shoots Vinnie in the heart.He dies instantly.

A statement about Marketing potential.

Vampires have been box office gold for years. Be they romantic fantasy (twilight) or comedy (Dark Shadows) or .straight horror (Abraham Lincoln vampire Hunter, Blade.) . Hunters puts a new twist on the vampire film. These vampires do not have the weaknessess (bright sun, steak through the heart, religious ornaments) that have been a tradition in horror films for years. And they are human, not lifeless corpses brought back as the undead. Some of the vampire characters will elicit sympathy from the audience, others will be formidable adversaries. Hunters is as much a police story & a human drama as it is a horror film. It has appeal for a very broad audience.