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You cannot hide from the truth about yourself.

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An outline of the background.

A Mutant Virus has taken hold that disrupts the immune system and alters it killing any disease, injury or ailment that may inflict the host. The down side, the host must replenish their blood with another's in order to suppress the pain. It becomes an epidemic; scientist cannot find a cure before the virus would overtake humanity. A radical initiative is introduced. Contain the virus by eradicating those affected. Hunters, cull those afflicted. The hope is enough infectees will be killed to make the problem go away.

A statement of the idea format

HUNTERS is a contemporary ,horror drama set in an unnamed city

HUNTERS is a feature film shot on HD

HUNTERS will centre on Kerseyand his partner Sasha


Bill and Sasha are hunters, Calligan, a priest turned infectee is there quarry. Bill has hunted him for years since he broke his word vowing never to prey on innocent victims. The hunt has become an obsession for Bill. He has grown tired and He is feeling the ravages of too many years hunting down what were once average people turned diseased predators. He wants nothing more then closure. To move on and redefine his life before he runs out of salvageable years but final victory comes with a price.

Calligan was dying of cancer. With three months to live he made a conscious choice to become infected with a virus that would cure his affliction but would leave him with a hunger for blood. He has since been forced to live with the consequences of this choice. No longer a man of god he has become a monster that preys on innocents to satisfy an unrelenting hunger. But the errant priest is on a mission to secure his redemption through a serum that would rid him of his accursed affliction. He may have extended his life but he has damned his soul. In the end he tries to seek absolution and forgiveness from someone he has betrayed, Bill. Bill delivers him to his maker to be judged.

Bill and Sasha have been partners for years. It is more then just older and younger cop with a common purpose of hunting prey. The almost symbiotic relationship forged by a dependence on the other to watch their back and keep them alive binds them on all levels. They are teacher and student, soul partners a team. Their relationship is one of love, but they are not lovers in the carnal sense, Sasha is gay. They truly love each other. When Sasha is abducted, it drives Bill to the edge. He'll do whatever it takes to get her back. It takes a fatal event for them to confess and prove the true extent of their love.

A crime syndicate lead by an Asian mob boss called Carlos is attempting to establish a distribution network for the, so called, cure called thirst. The drug is allegedly a cure for the disease that Calligan suffers. But research shows the drug simply alleviates the symptoms and the hunger for a short time. The real money can be made by selling it to non infected people as a cheap, but dangerous high. Leslie has been looking for sufficient evidence to shut down Carlos' operation for some time. But the investigation runs afoul when Carlos crosses paths with Bill and Sasha initiating a type of war. Leslie does not approve of Bill and Sashas" methods and is consequently left to pick up the pieces after the carnage is over.

A statement about Marketing potential.

Vampires have been box office gold for years. Be they romantic fantasy (twilight) or comedy (Dark Shadows) or .straight horror (Abraham Lincoln vampire Hunter, Blade.) . Hunters puts a new twist on the vampire film. These vampires do not have the weaknessess (bright sun, steak through the heart, religious ornaments) that have been a tradition in horror films for years. And they are human, not lifeless corpses brought back as the undead. Some of the vampire characters will elicit sympathy from the audience, others will be formidable adversaries. Hunters is as much a police story & a human drama as it is a horror film. It has appeal for a very broad audience.