Venue:Gorilla Tango Theatre
1919 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
Cost: $12

July 7, 2010-July 28, 2010 Wednesday 7:30pm


Bongs, chain smoking, liquor, sex tapes, blackmail, and a desire to change the system. No, it's not college, it's a convent! Three corrupt nuns use blackmail and foul play in an effort to change the patriarchy to which they have devoted their lives. With the use of an illicit sex tape starring none other than Mother Superior herself, the kinked chain of events begins to unfold. When a sudden death brings the game to an abrupt end, the nuns must come face-to-face with their inner demons.

Mother superior - Stace Crawley
Sister Katherine - Anna Dannielson
Sister Kimberly - Brittany Engler
Sister Burnadette - Kara Beth Karstedt

Produced & Directed by Kortney Simpson


Re: "Nuns"

Its called suspended disbelief. Yes, the nuns could just quit the convent, but at the same time we don't know how they got there in the first place and therefore cannot question their motives for staying. Lots of people find themselves in vocations and living situations that they are horribly suited for but they cannot just get up and leave. Regardless, the show displays outsanding performances that overshadow the production's occassional...quirkinesses (and it is hard to stand out when you have limited sets/props, one costume, and you are not a dance team). My only criticism is the odd choice of random music during scene changes: there is no indication in the tune or lyrics that they have anything to do with the previous or pending action, and therefore it just takes you out of the play. Veto!

Posted by jellyroll on July 14, 2010 at 9:34 AM |

Re: "Nuns"

So I guess I CAN"T swear, but review dude can. the show was f****-ing hilarious. Nuff said. Hot chics, now nuff said.

Posted by briyun on July 13, 2010 at 1:26 PM |

Re: "Nuns"

Hot chics in this & it was fucking hilarious. Sorry reviewer dude but nuns drinking & fucking priests has it's place in comedy. Don't listen to this guy, shows worth the 12 bucks for sure

Posted by briyun on July 13, 2010 at 1:21 PM |

Re: "Nuns"

I thought the show was hilarious...sounds to me like Tony Adler who reviewed this is just offended because it goes after the church; and sure it's not Hamlet, but it was funny, the acting was great & that's really all I cared about!

Posted by Slkrick on July 13, 2010 at 9:39 AM

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The play is a riotous musical combining 60's psychedelia, Gilbert and Sullivan type songs, dance routines and guest appearances from mythical gods as it steers its protagonists- namely John Howard and Tony Abbott, towards retribution for their policies on refugees and industrial relations.

After losing his passport and his memory John Howard finds himself on a boat to Norway as part of a 'refugees for nuclear waste' scheme, devised by his government and outsourced agencies. A series of mishaps lead to him being thrown over-board and stuck on a desert island with an irate Tony Abbott, who has been using his thinking time to devise a new dastardly portfolio for himself called the 'Department of Industrial Convalescence'. After being rescued from the island both men end up in the Baxter Detention Centre and must face the consequences of their past actions which winds up in an all-in rap battle and the appearance of Amanda Vanstone to sort things out.

The play features great musical and dance numbers, choreographed by Mark Daly, with music written by producer/playwright Joel Beasant and musician Matthew Campbell. The play was written by Joel Beasant, Robert Luxford and Leslie Marsh, and is directed by Jenelle Pearce, whose work recently featured in the Newtown Theatre's 'Short and Sweet' sessions. Adam Fraser and Rhys Wilson star as Howard and Abbott, respectively.

The play cleverly uses real dialogue from figures, such as Howard and Abbott, to challenge their actions towards refugees and the disadvantaged by literally placing them 'in the others' shoes'. John Howard finds himself in a number of situations where he appeals for humanitarian treatment, by re-stating quotes he has made in the past however, instead of being delivered by them, he actually gets the treatment his government has metered out. The irony is hilarious and made even better as it is regularly accompanied by groovy singing and dancing.


Soap Theatre Productions proudly presents the first ever 'theatre soapie,' titled The Bold & The Reckless". Pioneering a new, original and innovative style of theatre.

Theatre Soapie is ingenious and unique. It works in much the same way as TV Soap, but held on s but held on stage. "The Bold & The Reckless" is a spoof on TV soaps. It's comical, dramatic, absurd and satirical. It's set in a Catholic School, a prominent Councilors home, a theatre bar and a hair salon that fronts a bordello. tage. "The Bold & The Reckless" is a spoof on TV soaps. It's comical, dramatic, absurd and satirical. It's set in a Catholic School, a prominent Councilors home, a theatre bar and a hair salon that fronts a bordello.

The season tookplace over four Sunday night performances. Each night featured two episodes with a cliffhanger ending. The story progressed each Sunday with a brief re-cap of the previous episode.

This addictive format brought the crowds back week after week, to follow the drama, the humour, the sarcasm and the suspense of the characters they will grow to love, or love to hate.

Audiences were hooked, they just had to find out what happens next.

`The Bold & The Reckless" appeared at the very retro Civic Theatre, ore of the most lavish and intimate venues in Sydney, where the audience can drink, heckle and laugh.