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The setting is the back of a convent where three nuns are smoking a single cigarette they have secretly hidden away for their covert meeting. In this convent any vice is fair game, provided you keep it discreet. Drinking, sleeping around, and mild drugs are permitted. But smoking isn't. But Sister Catharine and Sister Rosa have a plan to change that.


Amanda Stephens -Lee-- Sister Cathrine.

Maite A --Sister Roza

Celia Kelly-- Sister Bernadette.


Uma Kali Shakti




It's 4 O Clock, Tea time. For the group of tea addicts, desperatly trying to overcome their addiction, it is the worst time of the day. Drugs, alcohol & the ocassional glue sniffing barely lessen the pain. But for Rebecca the tormet is too much she needs her Tea & biscuits ( and buttered scones with cream would be nice). What starts out as an orderly meeting turns into a hostage situation when Rebecca shoots one of her fellow addicts. Detective McQueen must take drastic steps to resolve the heated situation. He cannot give in to Rebecca's demands but he cannot risk another life being taken.


Samantha:................. Margie McCrae

Rebecca: .................Sophie Gregg

Tina: .......................Caroline Downs

Det. McQueen:....... Leo Domigan

Det. McSomeone... Alistair Buchanan

Written by

Robert Luxford

Directed by

Andrew James

The perfect end to such a superb night of the theatre is local playwright Robert Luxford's hilarious satire Tea for Terror.

A cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down. Beating an addiction was never meant to be easy. But was it meant to be this hard?

Directed by Andrew James with lighting design by Grant Fraser, the fabulous cast of Margie McCrae, Caroline Downs, Leo Domigan and Alastair Buchanan as the Detectives and Sophie Gregg as Rebecca, driven to breaking point by her addiction.

Alex Broun

Festival Director

Short+Sweet Sydney 2011


John is quietly having his lunch when he is disturbed by a strange woman who wants to know his expiry date. ( the day & time he will die). He regards this as a personal intrusion and tries to get the woman to leave . She is persistant as she only has an hour to live and wants sex before she dies. Nothing can deter the woman. She offes John a considerable amount of money. He is tempted and may bend, but still reluctant. Will he finally give in to the womans request or will she die a virgin ?


Andy Guy....................... .......... John

Pauline Kingsford-Smith .......... Marsha

Written & Directed by
Robert Luxford

How could he resist? -

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Expiry Date is just one of the short plays that is part of the exciting Week 7 Short+Sweet Festival line-up at Newtown Theatre running from Wednesday 16th to Sunday 20th February. The play by Robert Luxford tells the story of a man named John who is minding his own business, eating his lunch until he is interrupted by a woman who says she is about to die. She only has one hour to live and wants to have sex before it's too late. John is resistant but she is persistent. You'll have to come along and watch to find out whether John finally gives in to the woman's request or if she dies a virginâ€Â¦Expiry Date will feature alongside ten other short plays with shows running at 8.15pm, Wednesdays to Saturdays and 5.15pm on Sundays. Visit for more information or tickets. – NM

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Top 110 Week 7 Newtown Theatre opens tonight

Short+Sweet takes a trip to the dark side this week at Newtown Theatre with an eclectic mix of ten minute theatre sure to get the blood pumping and the heart racing.

It's the seventh hit week of the largest ten minute play festival on the planet and Short+Sweet Sydney 2011 is still going strong with 11 great ten minute theatrical gems ready and waiting for audiences to devour.

The writer behind one of the most popular plays of Short+Sweet Sydney 2010 (Nuns), Robert Luxford is up next with the hilariously bent Expiry Date.

Marsha, the superb Pauline Kingsford- Smith, has never had sex, and she only has a short time to live. Her solution, seduce the dweeby guy in the park, an excellent performance by Andrew Guy, before she expires.

Presented by Blind Penguin Productions, Luxford also directs.

Alex Broun
Festival Director
Short+Sweet Sydney 2011


The judge's couldn't separate the third place productions with Robert Luxford's Expiry Date tying with Homeless by New Zealand playwright Steve Delux

Expiry Date saw the always superb Pauline Kingsford- Smith, as Marsha who has never had sex, and only has a short time to live. Her solution, seduce the dweeby guy in the park, an excellent performance by Andrew Guy, before she "expires". Presented by Blind Penguin Productions, Luxford also did a great job directing his own play.

Review Written by Leisa Woodman

Short and Sweet

Newtown Theatre, Newtown (Sydney)

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Expiry Date

While there were a couple of groan-worthy gags the thrust of this play was a winner. Well cast and dialogue driven, the light comedy was woven around the intriguing concept of knowing the date of one's own death. The emphasis on sex as the must-experience of a lifetime was a telling reflection of our culture. A simple concept well realised.