Feature film

Adventures of the happy Homeless guy (Tom) Tanuwidjaya productions
Dead Down Under ( Traffic Control zombie) Terror Australis Films

Devils 6 commandments (Pike) Tanuwidjaya productions

Sweet Marshall (Warden) Participate films

Evolver (Dad) Travis Earl

River (Dr Hiller) Daniel Dahlman

I Hate Candy (sleazy producer) Sadia Saed

Sum of Existence (Ethic Committee member) Coherent Productions

Edge of the world (Doctor ) Shaun Jefford

Running on Empty (Bouncer) Empty Productions

Twists of Fate (Pig boy) On the Mark Films

Jindalee Lady( Taxi Driver) Bryan Kernney

Web Series

NAMELESS: Blood & Chains ( Max)

LARP; The Crowblade chronicles (Wizard,Forest Chieftan, Knight) Chris Price

Spontanaity : (Comedian) Paul Cavallo

Short film

Egg (dad) Sydney University Student production
Egg(2) (Mr Clark)
Sydney University Student production
Face Time (Homeless man)
Australian Screen Base-Screen Australia
The lens through which I see you (Grocer) AFTRS
Agro (Wolfgang) AFTRS
Time Benders (thug) Paul Cavallo
The Art of Deception (Film Critic)
Time Lag (Hit man) Edge Films

Never Innocent (Thug) Michael Serman

Weekend Warriors ( Axel,) Australian Screen Base-Screen Australia

The Officials: (sleazy producer) Paul Cavallo

The Liberators; Rags to riches (Russian crime boss) Don't look back pictures

Billy (Doug) Mathew Graham

Know when to hold em (Hugh) Carol Cho Productions

Private Hearts (Private Investigator) Mike Kang

Rose (Dead thing) Darren Hawkins

Forever (Butcher) NAFA

Yarrghham(Pirate Dad) Mauricio Cesana

Young Interstellar 7 (Phillip) Denny Hadlin

The T-shirt (Alan) NAFA

I'm loving it (Effie) UTS

Out there (sleazy guy) Mark Paul

Miss Universe (Chuck)Paul Cavallo

Equal Opportunity (Chuck)Paul Cavallo

Just 5 minutes (Daryl) Rosiris Productions

When Kane was Able (Big Bart) NAFA

Tea for Terror (Detective Mcqueen) NAFA

Babes (Jeff) NAFA

The Gorilla Filmmaker (Henchman) NAFA

The Lost Action Hero (Clint Walker) Blind Penguin

The Unexplained Files (Husband )Blind Penguin

Home Handy Hints (Husband) Blind Penguin

Body Bags (Warrior) Indy Films

JB resurrection( Jb) Tag Productions

Times Variable( Daniel) Indy Films

Captain Attitude (Dr Electra) RIP pictures

The Ultimate Solution (Sergent) Instant Epic

Much Ado About Butchery (PU Epic) Instant Epic

Nuts (Thug )Instant Epic

Choices (Client) Blind Penguin

Mother & Son (protestor) Stan TV

Young Doctors (Orderly (semi regular)Grundy Productions

Restless Years( Pub Patron )(semi regular)Grundy Productions

Prisoner ( Drunk) Grundy Productions

Sons and Daughters (Pub Patron) (semi regular)Grundy Productions

Punishment (SWAT member) Grundy Productions

Sweet and Sour (Thug) ABC Productions

Australia's most Wanted (Train passenger) Seven Network

Five Mile Creek (Town Person) Disney Productions

A Town Like Alice (Dock Worker) Seven Network

Thanks Brother (Union Worker) ABC Productions

Commercials & Promotional Videos

Park & Fly (Sweaty bus guy)

MACA promotional video (patient)

Security Blinds (Thief)

Four X (Footballer)

CIG gas (Prisoner)

Picnic (Cowboy)

Stein Larger (Hunter)

Pepsi Max (Gym Patron )

Lottery (Office worker)


Carousel (the Captain) Regals Music Society

Custody (Richard) RMS theatre

Leonard Thyne (Stenneth) Genesian Theatre

Planet of Z ( Zack) Genesian Theatre

When in Rome (Dick) Genesian Theatre

Bitchin (Aragon) Genesian Theatre

Dust on the Road (Tramp) Genesian Theatre

Poetry in Motion (Multiple parts) Instant Epic

Darby and Jone (Soldier) Chill Theatre

The Kite (the Man) Studio Sydney

Corporate presentations

Actron presentation night (Paparazzi )Blaze entertainment

Viking Exhibit (Viking) Maritime Museum

Woolworths Trade fair( Captain Streets) Unilever

Medical simulations

Hospital Medical Exams (Patient) Westmead Hospital

Medical Research (Patient) VividCommunications &Heartbeat.


Image used for IRON SKY : Bad Moon Rising prequel comic.




Height:6 foot

Weight: 100kg



The Actors Studio

Voice and acting Leila Blake

Conservatory studios

Take one studios

Stanislavski & Chekov workshops-Natela Dzuliashvili

Bryan Syrons workshop

TV Film Industry workshop

Screen acting workshops

Special Skills & Abilities

Stage Combat

Ukidokan Karate





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