Actors Anonymous

Actors Anonymous is a networking group of actors, writers, directors, film makers, camera crew, editors, songwriters and more, who are passionate and driven about creating film and theatre.

Actors Anonymous can help, whether you need to:
- practice an upcoming audition piece
- workshop a script
- try out some ideas with like-minded mates
- work on a reading
- cast some roles

Just come along to our informal meetings every fortnight, for an hour or two of notices, readings and chat over a beer or two.
We meet every second Wednesday at the top floor of The World Bar, Bayswater Road, (opposite Hugo's) Kings Cross.

Acting World

Natela Dzuliashvili is an Acting Teacher specializing in Stanislavsky Method Acting and Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. Natela graduated as an Actor of Drama Theatre and Cinema from Jaroslavl State Theatrical Institute in Russia... more

Since 2000 Natela is based in Sydney, where she taught acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). Currently she runs her own acting school - Acting World, which offers individual acting classes, short courses and workshops. Acting World acting classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced actors... more

Students receive acting training in Stanislavsky Method Acting and Michael Chekhov Acting Technique, which empowered legendary Hollywood stars to create their most memorable work on stage and in films

Endeavour Harmony Chorus

We are based in Sydney Australia, Endeavour Harmony Chorus is a multi-award winning, dynamic performing group who specialise in 4 part harmony singing.

Whether you're looking for a place to sing with others, or searching for a dynamic chorus or quartet to perform at your next show or corporate event, we are the group for you.

Our mission is to sing a high standard of 4 part harmony, for performance, competition and fun. Women of all ages and backgrounds make up Endeavour Harmony Chorus with our common purpose being a love of singing and performing.

Endeavour Harmony are twice past Australian Champion Chorus of Sweet Adelines International (2006, 2009).

We are a non-profit, incorporated, community based singing group. Rehearsals are held each Tuesday evening in Jannali, Sydney.


Finding good screenplays and professional writers is fast and easy on InkTip. Access is free to qualified producers, directors, agents, managers, and name actors. If you qualify, you will have 24/7 access to the best selection of screenplays and writers anywhere on the Internet. In addition, an InkTip Membership Executive will be assigned to your account and will personally work with you to help you find what you need.


NAFA is a networking group of actors, screenwriters, and filmmakers renowned for being creative and productive. We strongly believe in creating our own opportunities to succeed in this tough industry.


MACA (Medical And Corporate Actors) is a collective of professionals skilled in role-play, presenting, and interactive training.

From simulating patients to customer service personnel and managerial archetypes, MACA can fulfil your unique training requirements. Prescribe MACA for medical interview exams, pharmaceutical market research, and all your corporate interactive training.

If you're a producer or director, this international database of playwrights and their websites gives you a discreet and convenient way to discover new plays and fresh talent

Conversely, if you're a playwright it offers a free and unique way to showcase and disseminate your work

If you're an unlisted playwright and you'd like to be included, please click here

Sydney Stage Combat

The Sydney Stage Combat School has become the leading Theatrical Fight Choreography and Stage Combat training company in Australia. We are dedicated to the development and performance of Stage Combat Australia wide. Stage Combat Is an exciting new performance art that focuses on the study and practice of Safe, Effective Illusions of violence, whether it be unarmed or with a variety of weapons, all for the stage and screen. Past, present or future the SSCS specialises in all forms of personal combat, from Period European and Asian fighting styles to modern realistic fighting, slapstick, dramatic or the fantastic.