Short Plays


Technology breakdown as two young girls , Jazmne & Chelsea, cannot communicate with each other. Thadius Mortimer the third offers his assistance to help the girls talk to each other. However he finds that the challenge is more than he bargained for.


Jasmine Kristy Payne

Chelsea Amanda Potter

Thadius Mortimer Richard Mason


Uma Kali Shakti




What if you could see two alternative futures of your child 40 years on before they are even born ? Knowing that one of those futures holds dire consequences for you, could you choose to end that childs life or allow the worst to happen ?Conflux theatre winner 2004


Cashless by Robert Luxford directed by Lily Cocchiarella

"Cashless” is a thought-provoking play written by Robert Luxford and directed by Lily Cocchiarella. The story revolves around the predicament faced by a baby boomer who wants to pay in cash in a cashless society. Imagine the clash between generations when dealing with a millennial while trying to buy a DVD1.

The play won the People’s Choice Award at Crash Test Drama Cronulla 2019. It’s a delightful comedy that humorously explores the challenges of navigating a world where digital transactions have become the norm. The clever and resourceful customer insists on exercising their legal right to pay with cash, despite the store’s insistence on card-only payments. The interactions between the exasperated customer and the uninterested cashier create an entertaining and relatable dynamic1.

If you’re curious, you can watch a video performance of "Cashless” here1. It’s a witty exploration of the generation gap and the persistence of old-school values in a rapidly changing world. 🎭💰📺


Thu, Dec 8 2022, 7pm

Martin Recital Hall. Dominican University. IIlinois

by Robert Luxford, directed by Maryah Paige

St Columba College SA November 14, 2023 ·

🎭 Year 11 Drama - 'SHORTS' 🎭

Last Thursday, our Year 10 and 11 Drama students put on a fantastic performance, transforming the Lake Arts Theatre into three intriguing and entertaining stories: 'Cashless' (Robert Luxford, Off the Wall Plays),