The Warhol Institute for the forgotten Famous.

They're all there and you should know them. Jacqueline, Lenny, Natasha and Marvin. With the pile of problems on the therapist's lap, you'd think she was dealing with a-list celebrities, you know " cause more money more problems" but this is a bunch who's list doesn't even exist. In, The Warhol Institute for the Forgotten Famous, Jacqueline is the resident troublemaker and is pretty good at her job. She has it in for the therapist and finds an ally in Lenny, the timid baby phoenix no one knows a thing about in this comedy about therapy.

Crash Test Drama Finalist - Cronulla 2021 (3rd Place Audience Choice).

Florida State Thespian Society Senior NW Ensemble Acting B --University High. 2021

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Crash Test Drama Finalist - Cronulla 2022
When all you want is a can of drink and you are put through the third degree do you comply or fight for your rights?