Plays for Production (short plays)

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Technology breakdown as two young girls , Jazmne & Chelsea, cannot communicate with each other. Thadius Mortimer the third offers his assistance to help the girls talk to each other. However he finds that the challenge is more than he bargained for.

Cash for Christ

Hyram, a young man seeking spiritual enlightenment, inquires about joining the church of self enlightenment and capitalistic no nonsense . However, membership to the church comes with a heavy price tag and an unexpected surprise .


What do you do when you want to pay cash in a cashless society? This is the predicament a baby boomer faces when dealing with a millenial when buying a DVD.

Winner of the peoples choice award for Crash Test Drama Cronulla 2019.
Cashless - a comedy about paying cash (


A young boy looses both his parents in a fatal accident. He's only relatives Richard, his uncle and Magret his aunt fight for custody of the boy. They are polar opposites who cannot come to an agreement and are not willing to surrender the boy to the other. The feud takes a turn for the worst with a result that no one expects.

Empty places of the Heart

Proffesor Steve Harrison is losing his mind. At least his collegues and family think so. But Steve will not have a bar of it. His mind is as sharp as a steel trap, and just as closed. After a seriuos incident at the school he teaches Steve finds his life changed forever in ways he never imagined. When his son discovers what happened he makes a difficult choice that will create a rift between father and son. However amidst the conflict Steve finds someone new has entered his life. Has he finally found true happiness only to have it taken away ? Will his sons betrayal be the final nail in his coffin.

Expiry Date

John is quietly having his lunch when he is disturbed by a strange woman who wants to know his expiry date. ( the day & time he will die). He regards this as a personal intrusion and tries to get the woman to leave . She is persistent as she only has an hour to live and wants sex before she dies. Nothing can deter the woman. She offers John a considerable amount of money. He is tempted and may bend, but still reluctant. Will he finally give in to the woman's request or will she die a virgin ?

The Frankenstein Factory

A convicted serial killer has paid for a second life while serving a life sentence ( never to be released) His contract allows him to have the operation on his 65th birthday. A legal argument is raised, does his second life also entitle him to be released from his sentence and if he is will he go on another killing spree. Raising the question is the person given a second life legally the same person.

The Hot Seat

A debate about terrorism set up as TV interview in the form of a tennis match.

The Hot Seat 2
A debate about climate change in the form of a TV interview in the form of a tennis match.

Lost Property

The clothes don't make the man...unless you're Superman and you've had your costume stolen in the locker room of a Sydney train station. To what extremes will the dashing defender go to save his threads and his dignity?


The setting is the back of a convent where three nuns are smoking a single cigarette they have secretly hidden away for their covert meeting. In this convent any vice is fair game, provided you keep it discreet. Drinking, sleeping around, and mild drugs are permitted. But smoking isn't. But Sister Catharine and Sister Rosa have a plan to change that.

Tea for Terror

It's 4 O Clock, Tea time. For the group of tea addicts, desperatly trying to overcome their addiction, it is the worst time of the day. Drugs, alcohol & the ocassional glue sniffing barely lessen the pain. But for Rebecca the tormet is too much she needs her Tea & biscuits ( and buttered scones with cream would be nice). What starts out as an orderly meeting turns into a hostage situation when Rebecca shoots one of her fellow addicts. Detective McQueen must take drastic steps to resolve the heated situation. He cannot give in to Rebecca's demands but he cannot risk another life being taken

Times Variable

What if you could see two alternative futures of your child 40 years on before they are even born ? Knowing that one of those futures holds dire consequences for you, could you choose to end that child's life or allow the worst to happen ?