Plays for Production (short plays)

All a Twitter

Jasmine and Kristie are texting each other on their phones with the latest juicy gossip when DUH DUH DUH!!! the network goes down. Horror of Horrors. What can they do? They’ve literally been rendered speechless. Enter Pompous Actor. He is going to help them, he thinks. Unfortunately they don’t understand a word he says. He tries again and again and eventually they ‘appear’ to understand what he is saying but unfortunately he actually has no clue. The more they gesticulate the more he buggers it up until the two are ‘no longer friends’ because she ‘clearly slept with your boyfriend!’ He decides there’s nothing more he can do for them other than take their phones away and break them when….

Cash for Christ

So you want to find God? Connect with Jesus? Find that deeper meaning that’s missing in your life? Can we help? Of course we can! At the Church of self enlightenment and capitalistic no nonsense, we specialise in that special relationship with God. But before you sign up, you should know that it isn’t free. Finding God, that is. Eternal Salvation comes at a price. To be frank – we need to know if your budget can handle it.

Our basic package starts at $300 a month after the initial joining fee of a $1,000. If you want to be a member of the choir it’s $400 a month. A volunteer for the monthly cake raffle is $500. I know this may come as a surprise, but ask yourself, "Can you put a price on finding God? On turning down eternal salvation.” I didn’t think so. A satire about religion.

When a customer comes to the store, and tries to pay using cash, the millenial cashier goes into a flat panic. Never before has anyone tried to pay with cash and to be honest, she doesn’t even know how to operate a cash register! She calls the Shop Assistant. She doesn’t know either. They both decide they can’t take the customer’s cash. Not because they don’t take cash but because they don’t know how to. But the customer isn’t taking no for answer. So they call management – their answer: If all else fails, KICK HIM OUT! So they try to call security – sadly it’s his day off! A comedy about paying cash in the modern day and age.
Winner of the peoples choice award for Crash Test Drama Cronulla 2019.
Cashless - a comedy about paying cash (


A young boy looses both his parents in a fatal accident. He's only relatives Richard, his uncle and Magret his aunt fight for custody of the boy. They are polar opposites who cannot come to an agreement and are not willing to surrender the boy to the other. The feud takes a turn for the worst with a result that no one expects.

Empty places of the Heart

Mike, 25 and Donna, 19, still live with Steve, their dad, a science teacher at the local high school with a reputation for blowing things up. Mike lives there because he worries that his father can’t be trusted to look after himself (and that he’ll end up blowing himself up) and Donna because all she wants to do is be in a metal band and live on the Dole. Today, things are about to change. It seems that Steve may have blown up the science lab for the last time and both Steve and Mike have met someone. A family comedy script about moving on.

Expiry Date

John is quietly having his lunch when he is disturbed by a strange woman who wants to know his expiry date. ( the day & time he will die). He regards this as a personal intrusion and tries to get the woman to leave . She is persistent as she only has an hour to live and wants sex before she dies. Nothing can deter the woman. She offers John a considerable amount of money. He is tempted and may bend, but still reluctant. Will he finally give in to the woman's request or will she die a virgin ?

The Frankenstein Factory

Welcome to New Life Incoporated, also known as’ The Frankenstein Factory’ a company created to help dying patients get a new life. The process is simple. A Cloned body is grown, and when the time is right, the brain is transplanted into the body of the Clone. The creator of this breakthrough technique did so because he wanted to find a way to help people with terminal diseases stop suffering and have a chance at a new life. At New Life Inc, they never turn anyone away. Including today. But today, their new patient is a convicted killer, paedophile and rapist on death row. The question is – do they perform this procedure on him, knowing that in his new body he would walk free? Or do they let him die? A Sci-fi drama in one act.

The Hot Seat

A debate about terrorism set up as TV interview in the form of a tennis match.

The Hot Seat 2
A debate about climate change in the form of a TV interview in the form of a tennis match.

Lost Property

Superman’s in a bit of a pickle. He went to the aid of a lady in distress, then to shower at the local train station afterwards and when he emerged, his clothes had disappeared. So he goes to the only place he can think of: LOST PROPERTY – where you can find all manner of weird unwanted items and bits of clothing that no one ever claims. But will they have his missing famous red cape and his blue tights? So, dressed unwillingly as Captain Underpants (because his boxer shorts are literally the only thing stopping him being arrested, as well as being the only thing he has left) Superman approaches the Lost Property counter. If it’s his lucky day, they’ll have his missing clothes and the person behind the counter will be beautiful, friendly and helpful (and a little smitten with superheroes). Sadly, it isn’t his lucky day. A comedy about Superman.


The setting is the back of a convent where three nuns are smoking a single cigarette they have secretly hidden away for their covert meeting. In this convent any vice is fair game, provided you keep it discreet. Drinking, sleeping around, and mild drugs are permitted. But smoking isn't. But Sister Catharine and Sister Rosa have a plan to change that.

Tea for Terror

Welcome to the support group, Tea Totallers Anonymous, where recovering tea addicts can share their stories and relax in a calm friendly environment with other recovering tea addicts. They even have nice beers for everyone who attends. Today, it’s Rebecca’s first time and everyone is there to help because they know the first day is the worst. Especially round four o’clock. TEA TIME…… Luckily Sam and Tina are there to stop her making a terrible mistake and heading for the kitchen. Will they succeed, or will they have to drag her kicking and screaming away from the kettle? Or worse, will it escalate into violence? All for an Earl Grey and a chocolate biscuit. A comedy about tea addicts.

Times Variable

What if you could see two alternative futures of your child 40 years on before they are even born ? Knowing that one of those futures holds dire consequences for you, could you choose to end that child's life or allow the worst to happen ?

A Sordid Affair
It’s reporter Nona Vent’s lucky day (well actually..) Today she gets to do an interview. The interview is with a mime who is a member of an interplanetary organization who believe speech is outmoded. The interplanetary organization is also a terrorist organization (of sorts) who plan and are making a series of statements to prove their point (that we should forgo speech and speak only in mime). In reality they go to a crowded venue, re-enact an explosion in mime and lay all over the place pretending to be disfigured body parts. Since the mime cannot (or won’t) speak, the journalist is forced to turn to a sound effects engineer who plays sound effects for the benefit of the audience. Things go awry when the mime shoots the sound engineer with a mimed gun and then guns down members of the audience. They all die dramatically (in mime). A very off the wall comedy with a mime.


Brenda, mother of four, is enjoying life. She lives with her four kids, all grown up, but not showing any signs of moving out yet. One night, her slightly eccentric neighbour, Celeste comes over bearing her Astrology charts. Celeste has a bit of a reputation for being able to predict the future, although the part about John coming into money and Pete meeting a nice girl have yet to come true.

For Brenda it’s a bit of fun, sitting down, playing with the charts and all having a few drinks together. But tonight Celeste gazes at the charts like normal, turns a bit pale and then informs Brenda that she’s going to die!