Fantastic Chronicles

A Mutant Virus has taken hold that disrupts the immune system and alters it killing any disease, injury or ailment that may inflict the host. The down side, the host must replenish their blood with another's in order to suppress the pain. It becomes an epidemic; scientist cannot find a cure before the virus would overtake humanity. A radical initiative is introduced. Contain the virus by eradicating those affected. Hunters, cull those afflicted. The hope is enough infectees will be killed to make the problem go away.

Bill and Sasha are hunters, Calligan, a priest turned infectee is there quarry.Bill and Sasha are hunters, Calligan, a priest turned infectee is there quarry.

Bill has hunted him for years since he broke his word vowing never to prey on innocent victims.

the hunt has become an obsession for Bill. He has grown tired and he is feeling the ravages of too many years hunting down what were once average people turned diseased predators.

He wants nothing more than closure but final victory comes with a price.


The Comic Place.


Victoria Romonovski has discovered the solution for the mathematical equation for God. The world government , run by religious leaders, will do everything in their power to retrieve the formula and stop her from revealing other secrets, they have kept hidden from society for centuries.

In an alternate timeline, where the church is the global ruling body, and progressive science that is contrary to the dogma of the church, is silenced. Advances in science and technology are closely monitored by ministers of the government, and their employees. In recent times there has been a number of disappearances of scientist, and their work filed away in the archives, never to be seen again. A revolutionary group has become active in finding the work of the scientists and conspiring to find a way to make this knowledge public.