Screenplays available for production The Quantum Witch


Victoria Romonovski has discovered the solution for the mathematical equation for God. The world government , run by religious leaders, will do everything in their power to retrieve the formula and stop her from revealing other secrets, they have kept hidden from society for centuries.


In an alternate timeline, where the church is the global ruling body, and progressive science that is contrary to the dogma of the church, is silenced. Advances in science and technology are closely monitored by ministers of the government, and their employees. In recent times there has been a number of disappearances of scientist, and their work filed away in the archives, never to be seen again. A revolutionary group has become active in finding the work of the scientists and conspiring to find a way to make this knowledge public.


Feature Film : 90 -100 minutes


Male: 15-45

Female : 15-45


A key component to a cold fusion reactor built by Victoria is stolen. Against the odds, she retrieves the component and saves the city from destruction, not without the authorities slandering her name as the one responsible.)

This is a world where the government is run by religious leaders, who will do anything to hold on to power and will oppress anything that is contrary to their fundamental beliefs. Although Victoria, is a scientist she still believes in the religion of the leaders.

Her mentor calls her and reveals he has a way to disprove all their fundamental beliefs. It is a drive with all the knowledge that has been kept secret by the establishment. He wants Victoria to take it, because he believes his life is in danger. At first, she refuses. . But when the professor’s lab is destroyed and he is nowhere to be seen, Victoria begins to believe his warnings and starts searching for him,. believing he is still alive.

She receives a package just after he disappears. It is a formula he has been working on as well as all the secrets he talked about previously. She also works on the research, believing it will give her some clue as to why he was taken. The more she works on it the more she realises there is truth to what he has been working on.

She now becomes a target. She is attacked and her girlfriend captured. Now more than ever she will track down the people responsible.

She discovers her girlfriend is being held by a secret organization, that wants to undermine the government. She agrees to trade herself for Emily. Now their prisoner, the group responsible reveal they want Victoria, to complete her work on the formula without the risk of being stopped by the government. She also discovers her professor and a member of the ministry are key leaders in the group. The formula is complete and it shows conclusively how the universe was created.

A raiding party attacks the organizations hideout and an accidental hit by a stray bullet almost causes a catastrophe on a global scale. Victoria manages to stop an Apocalypse , but at a price.

In a presentation to the ministry, Victoria, also shares with the world everything the ministry has kept secret, proving that the government’s beliefs and everything they have tried to impose is wrong.