Screenplays available for production Nuns



When you deal with the devil, be prepared to get burnt..

NUNS is a contemporary black comedy set in a convent

NUNS is a two act play with a duration of approx 80 minutes

NUNS will centre on the major characters Sister Cathrine and Sister Bernadette.



Nuns is a satirical comedy about three rebellious Nuns and how they plot to overthrow the mother superior in order to establish smoking rights or themselves. The youngest, Sister Bernadette is being seduced into the cause by Sister Catharine and Sister Roza during one of their secret smoking sessions. They have a secret that they believe will bring the Mother superior to her knees.


The setting is the back of a convent where three nuns are smoking a single cigarette they have secretly hidden away for their covert meeting. In this convent any vice is fair game, provided you keep it discreet. Drinking, sleeping around, and mild drugs are permitted. But smoking isn’t. But Sister Catharine and Sister Kimberly have a plan to change that.

Sister Bernadette has a fetish for half naked women in crochet. She is ashamed and when Sister Catharine finds out she is exploited by her so Mother Superior Patricia won’t find out.

Sister Catharine uses Bernadette to arrange a pick up of a tape that will compromise Patricia. However Patricia intercepts Bernadette and tells her to hand the tape over. Although not really sure what’s on the tape, she arranges for Bernadette to get it transferred to DVD.

Catharine and Kimberly try to get the tape back for Patricia can see it. Patricia in the mean time is trying to get Bernadette to admit what she knows about Catharine and Kimberly smoking on Convent grounds but each time she tries Bernadette is unwilling or unable to talk. Patricia resorts to getting Bernadette stoned but that is also unsuccessful. In her altered mind state, Bernadette tells Catharine of Patricia’s attempts to get her to talk but how she is also able to get the DVD she wants.

Bernadette acquires copies of the DVD for Catharine and Patricia. Not wanting to be blackmailed anymore she keeps copies for herself in order to keep Patricia and Catharine of her back.

Catharine and Patricia conspire to get the remaining discs from Bernadette. Exploiting her fetish for women in crochet Catharine dresses up in a bikini and a crochet shoal and tries to seduce Bernadette. However because of Bernadette’s weak heart the excitement is too much for her. She has a heart attack and dies.

Devastated Catharine regrets what she has done and decides to leave the convent threatening to expose all the vice that goes on. While at Bernadette’s grave asking for forgiveness the ghost of Bernadette appears and tells Catharine not to peruse this vengeful path that would destroy her life but rather take a more positive approach and change people through her teaching. Catharine destroys the discs and says she will do as Bernadette says.