Screenplays available for production The Frankenstein Factory


Immortality at a price. New life Incorporated, transfers the brains of their clients into new bodies, with the expectation of a new Life. But a new life has unforeseen consequences.

Frankenstein Factory: Story Arc and Synopsis:

New Life incorporated is a facility that takes the stem cells of an individual and clones them. When the person reaches old age their brain is transplanted into the clone body ( after it has reached a mature enough age to accommodate the brain, usually 15) and that person begins a second life. The process is able to be repeated a number of times provided there is enough of the original genetic material to do so. This means a person’s brain can be transplanted from one clone to the next a number of times . The transplant can only be done while the person is alive and hasn't sustained any injury to the brain.

The brain of the clone is discarded. Upon conception the brain is genetically altered so it's only function is to sustain the body within the artificial

womb chamber. Outside this chamber the body would die.

The process is time consuming and expensive. Initially, only those with money can afford the procedure.

The rights of the clone are debated in political and legal circles. A bill is finally passed to validate the procedure. But the vote is arrived at through a bribe. The politicians who pass the bill are guaranteed a second life.

Right to life groups oppose the procedure as unethical and un-natural. New life has earned the nickname The Frankenstein Factory. Animal rights groups are also up in arms when it is discovered the process was used on animals before the process became legal.

After a while people decide they want a different body to transplant their brain into. They pay other people for their stem cells. DNA clones are made of them and the brains are transplanted into the clone body of another person. ( some another gender)

As well as the stories of the individuals in each episode, the series will also focus on those in charge of New Life Incorporated, as they struggle against numerous legal & media battles & personal issues.

TV Series Format

Genre: Science fiction Drama Series

Format: 60 mins x 7 – 12 Episodes

Timeslot: 60 mins

Target Audience: 15– 55 female - 15 - 55 male

CONTACT: Robert Luxford