Outline : Jay , a young Indian man, becomes involved in a life of organized crime to help his parents escape their poverty stricken life.




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Feature film GREED tells the story of an Indian man who gets involved in the Australian gangland underworld. He wants to get enough money to go back to homeland to rescue his parents from poverty, but is forced to make increasing difficult decisions.

Plot Outline

GREED tells the story of an Indian man who gets deeper and deeper involved in the Australian gangland underworld. He only wants to get enough money to go back to homeland to rescue his parents from abject poverty, but is forced to make increasing difficult decisions that go against what's left of his conscience. How far is too far when one tries to reach his noble goal? GREED is an epic film tribute to Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather, a story of family relationships, intrigues and betrayals set against a violent world where nothing is legal, but where everything is possible.


Asif Khan, Robin Queree, Emma Jensen, Lorry D'Ercole, Daniel Sassen, Ivy Fox, Jean-Pierre Yerma, Jojo George, Karina Bracken

Directed By

Jon-Claire Lee

Screenplay By

Robert Luxford

Produced By

Asif Khan & Jon-Claire Lee

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Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes

Filmmaker Interviews

Interview with filmmaker Jon Claire Lee

Dear Friends,

We would like to bring to your attention "Greed” a wonderful future film participated to 2019 edition of the Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes, that was nominated "Second Place” in the Feature Film Category. We interviewed the director of the film Jon Claire Lee, to ask him about the idea behind, and the story and screenplay of Greed.

Jon Claire Lee:

"In 2016, my co-producer Asif Khan came to me with the original story for Greed, the tale of a teenager growing up in poverty in an Indian village. Abused by his father, Young Jay finally escapes into a world of drugs which promises him all the money and luxuries he has ever dreamt about. As his drug boss ex- pands into Australia, his destiny takes him to Sydney. Here he rises up within the ranks in a white man’s gangland empire and gains the trust of the godfather Enzo. "Being in favor” comes, however, at a heavy price. Jay is tortured by what is left of his conscience. All he wants is to make enough money to go back to India and rescue his parents, especially his mother, from poverty.

What attracts me to the story of Greed is the power that family exerts on the individuals under its roof. As in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather, the family is everything and all encompassing. As Jay gets more trusted by the godfather Enzo, more emotionally involved with Enzo’s niece Ruby and more hated by Enzo’s heir apparent Leo, the rules of the game close in on him. Once you are in the family, there is no escape.

The screenplay by Robert Luxford allows all the major cast of characters to have their own lives explored and tested in this roller coaster journey into depths of how to survive in this underworld of power and greed. We feel for all of them and what they are going through. Their strengths and, more importantly, their weaknesses lead them to their inevitable ends—whether that be salvation or total devastation.

Greed is the story of how Jay gets taken in by Enzo’s family and is slowly consumed by the power and glamour on offer. Enzo also becomes the trusted father he never had. How Jay survives this journey or is ultimately destroyed by the family is the question that drives Greed towards its dramatic climax.

Our film is honoured to be presented with THE 2ND PLACE AWARD in the Feature Film Category of the Mediterranean Film Festival of Cannes 2019. The MFFC is very supportive of new and challenging international new works and directors. We are privileged to be in the company of so many creative works represented in this year's festival. Congratulations to all the artists!"

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