The Enemy is COMING

Earth has run out of natural resources and Terra Corp has been formed as a solution to the problem. This has spurred a massive colonization of the stars and extracted resources from other planets.

A freighter is believed to be hijacked by the Krytillians, an alien race, and used as a flying bomb to destroy the Ellison colony. Kara Banner, a young officer of Terra Corp who lives there, believes her mother Ivy could be instrumental in the attack.

By luck and determination, Kara survives the attack. Abandoned she has been left to die on the planet. Resilient, Kara has learned to fend for herself.

A spacecraft arrives and deposits troops. Kara investigates and discovers they are Terra Corp troops, but doesn’t recognize the uniform. Terra Corp has told the population the Krytillians are a very dangerous enemy and that the attack could spark a war. The politics are complicated but the end justifies the means.

The Enemy is coming – soon… Watch for it.

It is just the beginning!!