The Chronicles of Herbert West

Crossing the Threshold Project gateway is now ready for itâ€â„¢s final phase, sending a human subject through the threshold. â€ÂLt Joe Baker & Commander Jamie Delgardo are the astronauts assigned . Suited up they cross the threshold. Straight away things start going wrong. The astronauts are ordered to abort but itâ€â„¢s too late. Emerging from the threshold are two energy beings that resemble the astronauts. . They are irrational wanting nothing more then to leave the confines of the lab & they will kill anyone that gets in their way.. Readings show that time is running out. Energy levels from one of the astronauts is getting so high he will go nuclear. . There is not much time before the second astronaut could go nuclear. A temporary solution is found. Energy will siphoned from him slowly into a container in an attempt to stabilise him. . More & more energy is siphoned off through a conduit. Into a container but time runs out & the astronaut, like his comrade explodes. It is decided by the committee that the energy is too unstable to remain on earth. It is launched into space . After all that has happened , West decides he wants nothing more to do with the project & resigns. Sometime later the container holding the energy is bumped out of orbit by space junk & returns to earth.

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