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Sweet Marshall premieres at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter

April 24, 2009 09:10

Ten dreamers become movie makers.
Australia's freshest crop of filmmaking talent showcased their feisty new movie, Sweet Marshall, to an audience of over 800 at a red carpet premiere at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter in Sydney on Wednesday night.
And you still have an opportunity to see it too. Sweet Marshall is now screening in cinemas in Adelaide, Sydney and Wagga Wagga until 30 April 2009, and in Melbourne from 30 April 2009. More information and trailers are
available at
Sweet Marshall tells the story of a man who reckons he had it all – then lost it, when he was imprisoned for a robbery he didn't commit. Marshall's efforts to see justice served deliver some tense moments and 90 minutes of
rollicking entertainment.
The film's diverse cast includes Paul Winchester, Billy Holden, Neveille Bhamgara, Nicholas Moala, Monica Kade, Amber Grokken, Jennifer King and Robert Luxford, with a guest appearance by Paul O'Brien.
Sweet Marshall is the fourth full-length feature produced by students at Participate Film Academy in three years.
Newcomers to film when they enrolled at the school, the latest class of 10 budding movie makers completed their original production during the one-year, part-time Participate Filmmaking course.

Despite the gruelling effort required at times to complete Sweet Marshall, graduating students Andrew Kelly, Callum Lewars, Daisy Wang, Eva Acharya, James Gowing, Leo Ladia, Mark Nunnari, Martin Alvarez Garcia, Sarah
Foster-Hogg and Shant Sarkissian say they would do it all over again.