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The Birth of the new millennium. New York, September 11 2001, Bali. October 12 2002, the Iraqi War, London July 9th 2004. Dates etched in the memory of the civilized world. For five people it is a time of celebration and tragedy as international events are brought close to home racial conflict takes on a very real face and prejudice is given rage and made very personal. For five people whose Birthdays co-incide with national tragedies they will discover how personal The War on Terror has become.



Some days change our life forever.

An outline of the idea

A comedy/drama set in the post 9/11 world, showing the impact of terrorist attacks on victims and their close friends.

An outline of the background.

The birthday club is set in the first five years of the twenty first century. Beginning with the celebration on the eve of the new century through the turmoil of terrorist attacks and the on key cities and the outbreak of war in the Middle East.

The setting is in Sydney Australia. Although far from the attacks ad the war geographically, the impact these events had where felt globally. Our story centres on six people who have been affected in an immediate way by these events.

A statement of the idea format

THE BIRTHDAY CLUB is a contemporary drama/comedy set in Sydney Australia during the first five years of the 21st century...

THE BIRTHDAY CLUB is a feature film shot on video.

THE BIRTHDAY CLUB will centre on KATLYN and her friends as they deal with the tragedy And healing process of post 9/11 attacks and the Middle East war.



Five collage friends agree to meet once a year to celebrate the birthday of one of their group. Each must bring at least one photo of something that's happened to them that year. Caitlin sees this as a way of keeping their friendship alive after the collage.

The story is set over a period of five years. Starting from 1999 till 2005, It shows how world events affect the lives of the six friends.


The celebration of the end of the millennium and Caitlin's birthday. It is the first of the birthday book gatherings.

Katlyn shows pictures of her latest theatre production. Melissa has pictures of dresses she had just designed. Steven

Have photos of getting his black belt in Karate, Shaun shows photos he has taken for a poetry book he proposes to write

One day, and Robyn has brought her first modeling photos. The party is in full swing things are fine until one man's pacemaker gives out right on the stroke of midnight.


The third gathering is marred by tragedy. Brian was on a plane to Los Angeles that was Hijacked and flown into the world trade centre. This affects the group deeply, especially Shaun.

OCTOBER 20TH 2002.

While Holidaying in Bali, with her husband Robyn is about to enter a nightclub when it is bombed. She survives but is permanently

Scarred. Her husband does not survive... Steven is now a soldier in the army. He is likely to. be sent off to Afghanistan or Iraq.. Katlyn does not want him to go and declares his love for him. Stephen and Shaun almost come to blows over their views on American intervention in the Middle East. It becomes personal when he blames Stephen for Brian's death, even though he had nothing to do with it.

Steven has been fighting in Iraq. He returns disillusioned and wounded. He is angered to learn that his father, a former soldier himself, is helping Shaun with an anti-military documentary. Melissa in a bid to help Robin get back on hr feet, designs a dress for her. All goes well until the flash of Stephens's camera takes her back to Bali. Stephen and Catlyns 1-elationship comes to an end and a new one begins between Robin and Stephen.

JULY 9TH 2005

Melissa is in London at the time of the bombings. Everyone believes she may have been o one of the ill fated trains. Kira is in panic mode. The others try to keep her calm and try to find out if Melissa is okay. The tension and her hatred for Kira becomes too much and Katlyn attacks her.

With a knife at her throat Katlyn tells Kira and the others of her hatred for Middle Eastern people after an incident where she was raped and almost killed while looking for her mother who had been abducted. She blames her kind for the tragedy that has befallen Robyn, the reason Stephen had to go to war and the death of Brian, and now her close friend Melissa.

MARCH 2006

Shaun procures the service of his friends to aid him in his documentary. It is hoped this will help with the healing process so everyone can grieve and move on. But some, like Katlyn, the healing process is very slow. Unlike the others she cannot simply forgive and forget.


The areas of Drama and Conflict.

The area of drama and conflict will occur between the personal prejudices of the main characters toward each other.

Some will involve race, others a personal stance on right or wrong regarding the issues at hand. Other conflicts are internal. (Dealing with tragedy)

With each event the impact is closer to home for the main characters until the final confrontation which forces our main character to make a life and death choice.



A Major Character list


Age, 24 sex, Female. Characteristics. Slim, blonde, intelligent. Tortured. Ethic background. Australian. Her conflict and relationship to the other characters. Friend to the other major characters. Issues with Kira about her race, girlfriend to Steven until they split up. Feels someone should be held accountable for what has happened to both her and her friends.


Age, 25 sex, male. Characteristics. Military, skilled in martial arts, right wing. Ethic background. Australian His conflict and relationship to the other characters. Katlyns' boyfriend at first then hooks up with Robyn. Does not see eye to eye with Shaun on the issues at hand.


Age, 30 sex, Female. Characteristics. A model long dark hair, piercing eyes, photogenic, flirtatious. Ethic background. Australian/ ethnic mix. Her conflict and relationship to the other characters. Katlyns' best friend and later girlfriend to Stephen. Her self esteem is lost after she has been physical and emotionally scarred from tragedy.


Age, 36 sex, male. characteristics. Smart, Not physically imposing, gentle. A film maker. Ethic background. English, His conflict and relationship to the other characters. Friends with all of them conflict with Stephen about the issues at hand.


Age, 26 sex, female characteristics. Fashion designer, full of life, mischievous, gay. Ethic background. Asian her conflict and relationship to the other characters. Katlyns' friend, Kiras' lover. Stephens' ex girlfriend.


Age, 31 sex, Female. Characteristics. Slim, attractive, vegetarian. Ethic background. Middle Eastern Her conflict and relationship to the other characters. Melissa's' girlfriend, always at odds with Katlyn


A Minor Character list


Stephens father. Former soldier, now working with Shaun on his documentary. Dying of cancer


Shaun's girlfriend.


Has a heart attack and falls into the cake.


Robyn's father


Robyn's Mother...


Robins husband.


A sample scene of dialogue


Kira follows into the kitchen.Katlyn opens the fridge and pours cool water into a glass. She closes the door and Kira enters. They bump into each other accidentally.




Did you just grab me ?




You did. You grabbed my ass.


No, I....


You tried to feel my breast as well.

Before she can say anything. Katlyn throws water in her face. With the reflexes and speed of a cat she grabs a carving knife, slams KIRA against the wall, and holds the knife to her throat.


Nobody touches me.

KIRA tries to speak, but the fear only causes her to stutter. Katlyn pushes the blade tighter against her throat. Stephen, hearing the noise is at the kitchen door.


Katlyn !

She stops.



Put the knife down.




What the hell do you think you're doing?


She should pay. They all should pay.

By this time Robyn and Shaun have joined Stephen at the door. They stand behind him.




Them. HER KIND. The Muslims.

SHAUN Oh, my god.


What did the Muslims do, Katlyn ?


Everything. It's their entire fault. Their damn Jihad. You can't go anywhere anymore, it's not safe. You

can't get on a bus or a plane, or a train

without being reminded it's not safe

Kira isn't a terrorist.


How do you know? She could be a sleeper spy. Waiting for the word from her leader. Then she walks onto a plane or a nightclub and blows everyone up.


(Hysterical) You're insane.


Isn't that how it works? Blend in, pretend you're our friends. Oh no one would think Kira is a terrorist. Kira is a good woman, she doesn't believe in that sort of thing. Then before you can say Praise Allah she's driving up Pitt St with plastic explosives strapped to her chest.

STEPHEN You know her.


No, I don't. Not really.


This is insane...


This is war. They kill us and we kill them.

You of all people should know that.


That's not what this is about is it?

Katlyn looks directly into Shaun's eyes.


My father died in the first gulf war. My

mother went missing somewhere in Egypt, she

was never found. The police there did

nothing; they didn't care because she was only a woman. When I went looking for her do you know what happened? The guide I hired took me to a little village

that wasn't even on a map. There were three men waiting. They gave him some money, and he drove away. He

abandoned me.

(Tears start


They took me into an old

stable. Everyone saw them, including the

women. They heard me scream and they did

nothing. Even after they were done nobody came to help me. And you know what the police

said when I told them I'd been raped? We'll file a report but

there's not much we could do. When I

complained he said just be grateful you're alive. My friends and I have all suffered

because of your people. And now I may loose another one. For what? What do you people want

from us? Why do you

hate us so much?

She pushes the blade tighter.





She can't answer that?


Katlyn, Let her go.


She touched me. She put her filthy Muslim hands all over me.


No. No I didn't.


Katlyn she's not the one you want to hurt.

KATLYN Obviously you haven't been paying attention.


I'm not going to pretend I understand. I don't. All I know is you're in pain and you're lashing out.


Is there a point to all this?


I'm just saying don't do this to yourself.

You've suffered enough already.

The phone rings it startles Katlyn. She nicks SHAUN and draws the tiniest drop of blood. The phone rings again, and again.


For god's sake will somebody get that?

Robyn runs to the phone.



(To everyone)

It's Melissa's father. Yes...


(To Katlyn)

I lost family in the war too.


If she's dead you'll be joining them.

Everyone looks at Robyn .She is not saying anything, just listening. Her eyes say it all. Tears run down her eyes. She drops the phone. We know the answer, Melissa is dead. Katlyn removes the knife and moves away. Robyn and Shaun comfort Kira. But they are finding it hard to hold back the tears. Katlyn stares. A tear rolls down her eye. She is angry and hurt and full of

emotion. Stephen slowly takes the knife from her. Katlyn cries and Stephen comforts her.


A copy of this script is available from the following link.